About Us

Founded in 2001 in Wilmington, North Carolina as a parking management and enforcement provider, Park Select has developed customized parking solutions for businesses, property owners and government agencies for two decades. Integrating proprietary systems and tools with today’s most cutting-edge parking technologies, Park Select now focuses operations on two unique parking management divisions: The Government Parking Authority and The Community Parking Authority.

Launched in 2013, the “Government Parking Authority” is a division dedicated to the personalized service of government employees, the proper execution of their parking agreements and the timely and transparent reporting of facility operations and revenues to the Government Services Administration.

Newly launched in 2021, the “Community Parking Authority” combines the latest parking industry technologies with Park Select’s tried and true methodologies to create an easy to manage, turn-key parking program for thriving small communities, townships and cities

Both programs may be combined with Park Select’s distinctive, reliable and effective enforcement services to ensure compliance, maximize revenues and discourage parking abuses. Designed as a self-sustaining, fair and reasonable deterrent, Park Select’s professional ticketing enforcement provides an alternative to harsher forms of enforcement, such as immobilization or towing, with no increased staffing.

Park Select remains a small, family-owned business based in Wilmington, NC, but through the Government Parking Authority and the Community Parking Authority, Park Select is now simplifying parking management and maximizing parking resources throughout the United States.