Employment Opportunities

Park Select prides itself in the competency, professional conduct and integrity of our employees. Customer communication, attention to detail, professional appearance and a well-developed work ethic are required of all Park Select employees. Candidates for employment must pass a thorough background investigation and employment screening to determine suitability for their position. Detailed job descriptions, equipment training, competitive salaries and regular performance evaluations are administered by Park Select corporate staff and on-going training and support are provided to ensure staff members meet all contract obligations with excellence. Park Select complies with all state and federal employer guidelines for hiring practices and ongoing employment responsibilities.

Parking Enforcement Officers: Enforcement Officers are the men and women who work to ensure compliance and keep parking available in the facilities and communities we represent. Uniformed Enforcement Officers may service a single facility or may service an entire route, depending on the area in which they work. Enforcement days and hours may vary from area to area, but generally two shifts are available seven days per week. Full time and part time hours may be available. Extensive training is provided and experience is not required; though familiarity with the area for which you are applying, good communication skills and critical thinking skills are required. A valid driver’s license, background check and references will be required as well. Uniforms are provided. We are always eager to meet new candidates for our Parking Enforcement Officer positions. To apply CLICK HERE..

Administrative Assistant: Park Select’s Government Parking Authority division and the Community Parking Authority division require daily administrative assistance and client support by phone and online. Administrative Assistants should possess basic computer skills, a working knowledge of Excel, customer service skills and good communication skills. Extensive training on Park Select proprietary systems and tools will be provided. Administrative Assistants may be scheduled as early as 6AM or as late as 6PM on weekdays only. Uniforms are provided. To apply CLICK HERE..