The Community Parking Authority

For two decades Park Select has tailored dozens of parking plans to meet the varied needs of the unique communities we have served. We have come to know that parking is a fundamental community asset, serving the needs of property owners, businesses, consumers, and tourist alike; therefore, parking management demands a comprehensive plan with a flexible approach.

Many communities recognize the potential worth of a pay parking program yet lack the industry knowledge or expertise to develop such a program from scratch. Third party parking management firms are expensive, and the one-size-fits-all approach they offer is often invasive and unpopular with citizens and businesses. Yet maximizing a community’s parking resource can mean more available parking for everyone and increased revenues without increased taxes!

So, what if communities could access cutting-edge parking technologies through a scalable program that requires no long-term commitments… no costly infrastructures… no massive learning curve and no increased staffing? And what if that program could be tailored to meet the unique needs of the community and its members?

Park Select, in celebration of twenty years of successful innovation, is proud to announce a completely unique approach to community parking management. Introducing…

The Community Parking Authority (CPA)!

CPA combines the latest parking industry technologies and methodologies to create an easy to manage, turn-key parking program for thriving small communities, townships and cities. And CPA’s proprietary administrative platform assembles these technologies in one simple portal with pre-programmed reports and at-a-glance, real-time analytics. And the best part… The CPA program is available through a no obligation annual lease!

CPA’s self-contained ADA compliant patented pay parking kiosks are leased for a reasonable annual amount and require no expensive infrastructure. Seamlessly integrated with all major cloud-based parking applications, CPA’s solar powered kiosks can be easily placed where and when your community wishes to incorporate or improve pay parking. The payment kiosks operate with license plate recognition (LPR) technologies, essentially providing a hub for all surrounding parking assets. Thus, nearby cloud-based transactions are routed through the kiosk, where they are integrated into parking operations and easily self-managed through the CPA Website & Administrative Platforms. Communities may lease just one or several kiosks, adding to their inventory as their parking program grows or as seasonal demands require. Off-season kiosk storage and scheduled seasonal kiosk delivery and placement are included in the annual lease, as well as unlimited access to the CPA Administrative Platform and consumer access to the Community Parking website, professionally tailored to your community. Also included is Park Select’s signature, professional enforcement program, developed for two decades and guaranteed to ensure maximum compliance with no additional staffing, no increased load on law enforcement and absolute transparency and professionalism.

State of the art optional system Modules include CPA’s Digital License Plate Permitting system, our flexible Merchant Validation solutions, and our signature Third-party Dispute Arbitration system. Each offered for one low annual fee, CPA Modules are fully integrated in the CPA Administrative Platform and allow for real time and historic reporting, all in one simple format.

The Community Parking Authority guarantees any community, of any size, ultimate control of their community’s parking assets and best yet…  100% of ALL parking revenues! That’s right! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of all parking revenues are deposited directly from the consumer’s transaction to your community’s bank account. No profit sharing. No questionable budgets. No middleman. Your community’s resources stay where they belong: IN YOUR COMMUNITY!

Call Park Select now to schedule your risk-free demonstration of the Community Parking Authority and start maximizing your parking assets in just ninety days!

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