The Government Parking Authority

Tailoring our exclusive systems and tools for the administration of local, state and federal government permit parking facilities, Park Select developed the Government Parking Authority program in 2013. The fundamental goals of the Government Parking Authority (GPA) division are:

  • To provide professional and personalized service to government employees and government contract employees who wish to lease parking spaces within government facilities
  • To ensure the proper execution of all tenant parking agreements and encourage adherence to the terms of use for parking spaces
  • To provide the Government Services Administration with timely, complete and transparent reporting of facility operations, as well as accurate and dependable revenue collections

Contract pricing is based upon facility size and begins at 1-300 spaces, increasing in one-hundred space increments. This simple fixed pricing method accommodates any natural fluctuations in parking facility occupancy levels occurring in the ongoing administration of a contract and ensures that all government facilities receive the best pricing available in the industry.

Government employees enjoy 24-hour access to web-based services, including a secure payment portal for permit payment processing, contract management tools and relevant facility information. In addition, dedicated staff offer tollfree customer support Monday through Friday from 6AM until 6PM at 1.855.399.PARK.

Likewise, Government Services Administrators may rely upon a dedicated Project Manager for daily support and assistance in the administration and ongoing management of their facility. Updating contracts, keeping accurate and secure records, providing reports and analytics, and ensuring prompt payments are just a few of the responsibilities of the GPA Project Manager.

Park Select is proud of our growing Government Parking Authority division and eagerly seeks new opportunities to serve the government sector in this work.